Dr Onarinde is an Associate Professor at the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, Holbeach campus. Bukola is a Food Scientist with broad experience in microbiology, chemistry, molecular biology, food safety, food product reformulation, bacteriophage decontamination, AMR studies, process validation, challenge studies and shelf-life studies. For over 10 years, her effort has focused on conducting research in collaboration with the food industry to tackle real-life industrial challenges. Bukola’s research projects have involved the application of food chemistry and/or food microbiology knowledge to (1) appraise supply chain of imported sesame and pumpkin seeds to detect potential points of microbial contamination and recommending approaches/strategies to mitigate these contamination points, (2) assess risk associated with effile poultry processing in the UK, (3) compare microbiological risk associated with mechanically separated meat and fresh cut poultry and pork meat, (4) identify Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) associated with the development of fungal disease in mushrooms and potatoes as a means of early detection of these diseases and in order to proactively apply natural biocontrol agent extracted from microorganisms, (5) understand physiological & biochemical changes that lead to development of blackheart disorder in potatoes during storage, (6) understand factors that predict hydration in pulses during canning. In addition, Bukola has extensive experience and expertise in thermal and non-thermal process validation, she has conducted process validation for various companies in the UK and Europe and provides consultancy services to the food industry. Currently Bukola is investigating the rate of oxidation of meat at frozen temperatures from slaughter up to 36 months of storage, a project funded by Meat and Livestock Australia and conducting a systematic review on assessing the impact of heat treatment on antimicrobial resistance genes (ARGs) and their potential uptake by other ‘live’ bacteria , a project funded by the Food Standards Agency (FSA). Bukola has acted as Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator in a number of successfully completed multi-disciplinary research grant funded by different funding bodies including Food Standards Agency, Innovate UK, BBSRC, various food industries and retailers. Bukola is a Commonwealth Scholarship Commission Academic Adviser and Directs studies of 5 PhD students at the department.